Zoo Asks Visitors Not to Stare at Chimps

April 18, 2007 - 5:03pm

Orangutans Play Video Games at Ga. Zoo

April 11, 2007 - 4:54pm


2001-07-20 05:17 (New York) New Delhi (dpa) - A monkey with a taste for booze is terrorizing parts of the northern Indian city of Lucknow, reports said on Friday. The simian tippler goes on a biting rampage if it does not get its daily dose of alcohol, the Asian Age newspaper reported. More than a dozen people have been bitten by the ape, which last week ripped off the ear of a seven-year-old boy. Frightened residents of the city's Rajajipuram locality have stopped sending their children to school and people on their way to work move through the area in groups armed with sticks. A local resident said some teenage boys of the locality were responsible for the monkey menace. He said the monkey was a peaceable creature until one day when the boys caught it and forced liquor down its throat. The boys enjoyed its drunken behaviour and it became a routine for them to get the monkey drunk. Soon the boys got bored and stopped providing alcoholic drinks to the monkey but it had become addicted by then and turned violent whenever it failed to get any alcohol. Under India's wildlife laws the monkey cannot be killed. Hindus consider monkeys sacred as incarnations of the ape god Hanuman.


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Monkey Runs Amok In Girls' School

A monkey went on the rampage at a girls' school on Wednesday morning. It snatched food from students and held them by their shirts. Finally, police had to be called in.

The monkey invaded Jewish Girls' School on Royd Street during the break. The girls, who were either playing or having their tiffin panicked, resulting in a near stampede, said an officer of Park Street police station.

Some were caught unawares. The monkey ran up to them and snatched their tiffin. When one girl tried to resist, it slapped her. It also held on to the shirt of another girl, who tried to flee.

Park Street police was informed and rushed to the school. It was finally trapped with a bait of bananas and taken to the police station.

Later, the forest department's rescue squad took it to the Salt Lake wildlife rescue hub. "The monkey is doing well. It became aggressive as it was out of its group," said V K Yadav, deputy chief wildlife warden.

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